Yeah,, I was listening to a lot of interviews lately where authors described how walking was an integral part of their creative process. This definitely does not describe me or my process. Don't get me wrong: I love walking, but there are so many things to see, feel or hear that I cannot focus on the story or my characters. Trance and contemplation is a big part of my process, and I need a quiet room where my stories can grow.

Finished the shower scene and it got steamier than expected. BUT THAT'S WHAT THE CHARACTERS WANTED / NEEDED. Not gonna lie: I won't read it to my family!

Today's goal is already very close: finishing the shower scene in the next 500 words! And then, someone will die!

I really don't like these days when you had a bad night, and you're tired all day long, which results in me just staring at my text without moving a finger.


I am not happy with the support of multilingual blogs in - but is that reason enough to switch platforms?...

It annoys me that I can't have more than one version of a post to support parallel posts in English and German. Sure, I could just link between those versions manually but it feels awkward.

I'm still not great at dictating my scenes. I feel like a sports commentator standing in the corner and disturbing my characters while they try to have a romantic dinner.

YAY! It is done! I have finally finished the chapter I promised a friend for her book.

Tomorrow I can finally send it to the publisher and get back to my crime novella.

I think after this experience, someone in my story will have to suffer more than planned.

In the spirit of using more services, I created a new instance. I really love the idea of a web search that isn't Bing or Google and is distributed and community-driven. My index is now focussing on books and related websites. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Today's is (probably) a love story. It feels like a prompt that might take a bit longer to plot or prepare.

I think I make it a daily habit to post a new . Making them is fun.

I will get back to them myself eventually (AFTER FINISHING THIS DRAFT!) and use them for a story.

While procrastinating, I created this writing prompt for a mystery / horror scene or short story.

There are so many ideas already in my head!

BUT I will NOT start writing something for this prompt. I have to go back to my draft. Otherwise, I will get in serious trouble with my accountability partner @lfarnsworth for being weak!

What a nice way to celebrate my birthday! Did a Pomodoro writing session today and finished two chapters!

Help! I am obsessed with hex flowers! Instead of , I am making writing tools based on a hex grid and random tables.

Finished the revised and extended of my crime novella, and it feels like an entirely different story now...which is good, I think.

Realisation: Crime / Mystery will not be my new favourite genre to write in.

Still, I really want to finish it before I start working on a more professional project again! :D

I think I will work myself through the outline and publish every chapter on my blog after one draft.

Finished the revised plot of my story this weekend. It's still not a great crime story but good enough for me. :D

Time to outline the changed scenes!

What does your scene look like?

Currently, I tend to have more detailed outlines that already capture most of what is going to happen in the scene. When I go back to things from last year, it was more minimal and only described the beginning, middle and the end of a scene.

On a more positive side: space romance that is heavily inspired by the world will be a thing for me this year! first!

Today was a successful day. I edited the first act of my draft and removed 15%. Pacing feels much better now! Sometimes it's good to have a day with a negative word count!

It's the first time that I am using Plottr for any project and it's fun! Moving around scenes graphically on a timeline somehow does it for me.

The outline view helps a lot when I dictate a scene into Dragon (which still feels weird but it's getting less weird every day).

Current dictation speed: 12 minutes / scene
Dictated scene length: 800 words
Target scene length: 500 - 600 words

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