My new favourite spot in the garden. Feels like summer! the Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segint

@lfarnsworth The beginning of a new plotting experiment: Having a flow chart like structure for the plot points helps a lot when planning a story with multiple POVs.

Just got the notification that the MacOS 12.4 update would be ready to install.
Is this the postponed update from last year when they wanted to introduce client-side scanning of photos?

I shouldn't have go down the rabbit hole. I wasn't satisfied with the lighting (wanted it to be more dramatic :D) and the instead of , I tried to change the drawing...

Finishing up my post and realising that some photo would be actually nice.

BUT I couldn't find a press kit with photos from the actual show that I would be allowed to use...

I am now going with this. It was a good excuse to watch some episodes again while drawing.

Had to realise today that the story wasn't going into the right direction and needed some refactoring.

Still not done but these kinds of concept maps plus a timeline help me a lot to regain the overview and makes it easier to see where further adjustments are necessary.

Since there are some topless swimmers in this screenshot, I mark it as sensitive.

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